I am  incredibly grateful to be doing what I love,

playing my saxophone with passion, inspiring
my audience time and again. 
It is coming directly from my heart. 

I am located in Bordeaux (France) and Cologne (Germany) If you're looking for an experienced, reliable and flexible saxophonist  get in touch ! I'll bring some magical sax-vibes to your wedding, party, corporate event or public rave. I will provide the perfect soundtrack for your welcome drink or dinner. Imagine some gentle music, like nicely groovin deephouse or soft bossa nova. 

Creating a romantic mood at your big day: 

Ibiza Lounge

EDM Night with my Buddy Menno Brenkman
(Percussion). This Rave was awesome.

Get the party started

Infinity-Gardenparty 200x198.jpg

Add a percussionist,
always a good option. 

Percussionist always the best option.jpg

If needed  I'll build up a high quality sound-system.

DJ and Sax and Sound-system.jpg

Performing as
DJ AND Saxplayer

Wedding in Berlin 210x 200.jpg

EDM Night - Saxmagic

Sax EDM-PublicRave 200.jpg



Seepavillion Fühlinger See Köln

29. MAI  2021  

SAX/ DJ   Big Party 


05. JUNI  2021  

SAX/Percussion/ DJ   mit der Livehouseband - big Weddingparty

Falderhof, Köln Sürth

19. JUNI  2020 

Sax/DJ  -  Birthdayparty  SAX IN DA HOUSE


26. JUNI  2021  

Sax/DJ mit der Livehouseband - Wedding Party

Gut Maarhausen, Köln

02. JULI  2021  

SAX/DJ - SCOOP Software Firmenjubiläumsparty 

Gare du Neuss

03. JULI  2021  

SAX und DJ Dennis Rixen - Vollgasparty

Krefeld - musique de mariage

17. JULI  2021

SAX/DJ - Hochzeit: Empfang/Dinner/Party mit SAX IN DA HOUSE

Steigenberger , Petersberg, Bonn

30. JULI  2021

SAX/DJ - Hochzeit: Empfang/Dinner/Party mit SAX IN DA HOUSE

Falderhof, Köln-Sürth

21. AUG  2021 

Sax/DJ  - Sektempfang, Dinner, Party zur Hochzeit


10. Sep  2021  

SAX/DJ   Betriebsfeier SAX IN DA HOUSE

Brauhaus Schlüffken, Krefeld

09. OKT  2021  

SAX/DJ   - Große Geburtstagsparty SAX IN DA HOUSE

Bergischer Löwe, Bergisch Gladbach

17. DEZ  2021  

SAX/DJ  mit der Livehouseband - Weihnachstfeier Joke Techn.

Wachenheim, Kreis Bad Dürkheim

28. Mai  2022

SAX/DJ - Hochzeit: Empfang/Dinner/Party mit SAX IN DA HOUSE

Köln, Gartenparty

27. MAI  2022 

SAX/DJ mit der Livehouseband - Wedding Party im Freien