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Producer, soundengineer, saxophoneplayer Martin Adrian brings a fresh inventive saxophone-style that blends Jazz with electro- house. Some tracks are compelling energizing with big room energy. His chillwave-tunes carry touching Saxophone melodies, burning things up in a most sensual way. When these drop, the world simply isn't such a bad place

BIO: Martin Adrian appeared in the music world around the 90s, initially when he came to cologne, then in Arnhem, where he pursued saxophone jazz-music studies at the schoolfonds Stedelijk Conservatorium en Dansacademie while playing the nights away in the jazz clubs. Back to Colonge he started working as a DJ and Saxophonplayer, playing an active role in the cologne Housemusic scene and built up a fanbase. He  produces House, chillwave and EDM pieces of music which are always containing his expressive and distinctive Saxophone playing. 2020 he moved to South-West of France, Bordeaux-Aquitaine, working in his brandnew Studio right next to the Atlantic coast.

"I am  incredibly grateful to be doing what I love,

playing my saxophone with passion, inspiring
my audience time and again. 
It is coming directly from my heart." - Martin Adrian 

Martin Adrian SaxWT.jpg

Top comments:

“some of the best tenor playin i’ve seen”
TurkeyinAbucket, USA


“I dig your tenor playing.
The? music is great, I can tell you like michael brecker.
You sound great.Keep up the good work”

geraldcody, USA



ladysmoothsax, Orlando, FL, USA



“Absolutely spot on, mate….been watching you? tube for years but this is the first
time I’ve posted a comment…..Awe inspiring stuff….ALL THE BEST…GO TO THE TOP!!!”
Großbritannien und Nordirland



“growing love….great tune….great player…..certainly pro level…..this should be in
the top 10 ten of smooth jazz charts….great sound and expression… need
a little more of of a band to? back you”

eab01907, USA



"thats a freaking cool sound you got there, man !?
Saxodude95, Dänemark



“This is definitely great music…you remind me a lot of Kirk Whalum,
mixed? with some Brecker. You make me miss my tenor that’s for sure!
5 stars!”
JPSaxMan, Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA



your sound is fantastic! love the material as well. did you write it?
what effects unit are you using on the first part? it sounds? great”
me007963, Großbritannien und Nordirland

".....I will tell you the truth. I´ve listening to this about from 10 years ago. Every now and then I come to this video and hear it. I like all of the songs but I like specially the second, it touches my soul ;). It should be famous :p What are artists do you recomend me to hear? Thanks :)"

Yamaha European Saxcontest certificate

This video recorded as application for the European Yamaha saxophone competition ensured Martin Adrian to participate in the finals in Berlin. Peter Weniger: “To be there is a special honor.” After it was published on YouTube, it has already been viewed over 39,500 times and consistently received the highest rating (5 stars).

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