"Turned off by the monotonous drone of jazz? Bored to death by the sameness of its smooth-jazz cousin? Tune in to the fusion-saxophonist Martin Adrian and his unique brand of lounge, electro, triphop and old school hiphop from Cologne. He’s gotten it together with his friends Peter Staecker, Peter Puls, percussionist M. Brenkmann and the New York rapper Sam Beatty on a new studio album packed with exciting new tracks."

Martin Adrian - Newnotes- Album
GENRE: Jazzrap-Triphop-AcidJazz-Lounge
Artist: Martin Adrian, Peter Staecker (Phunkz)
Menno Brenkman, Peter Puls, Sam Beatty (Samuel G BT)

Album Artwork © Copyright Georg Köln80
Produced by Martin Adrian
Explicit Lyrics: No
Released:  05/15/2007